About Us

The Disinfection Supply Company is a San Diego based company founded on two principles:


  1. Disinfect regularly
  2. Disinfect without causing harm to the environment using a non-toxic disinfection


The Disinfection Supply Company has created a system based on the experiences gained from over 4 years of hands on disinfecting experience. Our products are customized for disinfection and work differently than other similar products on the market. The Disinfection Supply Company is responsible for millions of square feet being disinfected. While other companies are responsible for disinfection, we can say that our products cause zero harm to the environment and zero harm to the user.


Our goal at The Disinfection Supply Company is to make sure disinfection is considered beyond the pandemic. We believe non-toxic disinfection needs to be a part of our daily routines regardless of what is happening in the world. And while we recognize that other chemicals serve a purpose and a place in cleaning, we also know that non-toxic disinfection is the only answer you need for staying disinfected.


The Disinfection Supply Company believes that every company, every school, and every person should have the opportunity to disinfect properly without having to spend unnecessary money or unnecessary time. We created the disinfection system in an effort to remove the two most common barriers to disinfection: cost and fear of contamination. Our system is approachable and easy to use. Our disinfection system is safe, effective, and does not create a danger to the user or the people who occupy the spaces post-disinfection.


The Disinfection Supply Company works on the principle that disinfection should not be limited due to cost or time constraints. Our system allows for quick application of disinfectant that costs pennies per gallon and is non-toxic.


The Disinfection Supply Company system means that time consuming processes can be eliminated and that you no longer need to under-apply disinfectant due to cost or toxicity concerns. Our system can disinfect an entire building in a matter of minutes and our disinfectant can be used without personal protective equipment. Our disinfection system is safe for pets, plants, and people.